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Search the public school directory to find contact information for a school in your district. You can also browse a list of schools achieving A+ designation.
Charter schools
Learn about charter schools in Missouri.
Home schooling
Under Missouri law, any family may choose to home school.
Online Virtual Schooling
A number of Missouri students are not able to attend their local “brick and mortar” schools for medical reasons, or they are involved in special activities or are presently outside of the state.

Immunizations and Vaccines

Missouri K-12 students are required to receive vaccines and boosters to protect against certain preventable diseases. Learn more…

Keys to Success

Parental Involvement

Missouri High School Graduation requirements

Parents as Teachers began in Missouri to help educate first-time parents of newborns about child rearing. It then expanded to all 50 states and seven other countries. Learn how to get training from education professionals on the best practices for raising your child. Contact your local school district to participate.

The Helping Your Child series provides parents with tools and information to help their children succeed in preschool, school and life. Booklets are available online for topics like helping your child understand the value of homework and learning math.

Missouri Learning Standards

The Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success in college, other post-secondary training and careers. These expectations are aligned to the Show-Me Standards, which define what all Missouri high school graduates should know and be able to do. Parents are encouraged to learn more about the Missouri Learning Standards and how both standards and curriculum are used in Missouri.

Gifted Education Resources

Learn about opportunities available to gifted students in Missouri, ranging from Advanced Placement testing for college credit to specific programs and academies designed for advanced students.

Anti-bullying resources

Every school district in Missouri is required to have an anti-bullying policy. Review these resources to learn how can help stop bullies and keep your kids safe at school.

Website provided by the U.S. Department of Education dedicated to bullying prevention and response, including cyberbullying.
Resources for parents, educators and law enforcement to prevent and report school violence.

View additional anti-bullying resources

Career Education

Missouri Career Education combines academics and occupational skill training to prepare students of all ages. Programs are designed around the 16 career clusters.

Missouri Connections

MissouriConnections.org can help Missouri citizens determine their career interests, explore occupations, establish education plans, develop job search strategies and create resumes. This is available to students, parents, guidance counselors, educators, and job seekers at no charge.

High School Equivalency Test

Many people who did not finish high school have knowledge and skills comparable to people who did graduate. Most employers, colleges and universities, and the military accept a HSE (High School Equivalency) certificate as being equivalent to a high school diploma.

Going to College

Thinking about taking the next step in your education? Visit our colleges and universities page and get started planning today.