Department of Transportation

Patrick McKenna, Director

Department of Transportation
105 West Capitol Avenue
P.O. Box 270
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is governed by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission, a six-member bipartisan group appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate. MoDOT consists of more than 6,000 employees who are responsible for the seventh-largest highway system in the nation – more than 32,000 miles. MoDOT helps develop and improve airports, rail facilities, waterways, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities statewide. Decisions are made concerning highway location, design, construction, and maintenance.

For roadway development and maintenance, Missouri is divided into 10 districts, each responsible for maintaining approximately the same number of highway miles. General Headquarters is located in Jefferson City. Employees are divided into several units. Chief Counsel provides legal support for the commission and the department. Commission Secretary provides administrative support for the commission. Inspector General investigates employee grievances; monitors DBE contracts; and helps prevent fraud, waste, and abuse; reviews department operations for economy, efficiency, and compliance. Strategic Planning facilitates strategic and business planning, and coordinates performance measurements.

Planning Business Unit

The Planning Business Unit has responsibility for overseeing funding and administration of state and federal programs for aviation, railroad, transit, and waterway facilities; examining new product methods and equipment; handling long-range planning and managing the transportation improvement program. The Planning Business Unit consists of Multimodal Operations, Research, Development and Technology, and Transportation Planning.

Administrative Services Business Unit

The Administrative Services Business Unit is responsible for affirmative action and efforts to increase workforce diversity; purchasing and management of fleet and facilities management; provides registration, permits, inspections, and training for all over-the-road transporters; manages employment, policy development, training, career development, and salary administration. The director of administrative services oversees Equal Opportunity, General Services, Human Resources, and Motor Carrier Services units.

Project Development Business Unit

The Project Development Business Unit has overall responsibility for right-of-way; highway design; and bridge design functions; prepares construction plans and performs cultural, environmental, and location studies; prepares plans and specifications for bridge designs; and handles acquisition of real estate for highway construction. The director of project development oversees Bridge, Design, and Right of Way units.

Financial Services Business Unit

The Financial Services Business Unit has responsibility for business planning, accounting, reporting, expenditures, information systems, insurance and liability functions, as well as employee benefits. The chief financial officer oversees Controller’s Office, Employee Benefits, Information Systems, Resource Management, and Risk Management units.

Operations Business Unit

The Operations Business Unit supervises new highway and bridge construction projects; oversees material specifications; reviews accident data; implements signing, striping, and signal operations; administers motorist assist programs; and maintains Missouri’s highway systems, rest areas, and roadside parks. The director of operations oversees Construction and Materials, Maintenance, and Traffic units.

Communications Business Unit

The Communications Business Unit provides information to legislators, analyzes state and federal legislation that affects MoDOT operations and activities, manages information and education programs, and ensures MoDOT’s communications are clear and consistent. The director of communications oversees Governmental Affairs and Public Information and Outreach units.