Workplace Issues


In Missouri, employment relationships can end at any time and for any reason, as long as it is not discrimination under the Civil Rights Act.


Minimum Wage

Learn about Missouri Minimum Wage law and get answers to questions about general rights in the workplace.

Prevailing Wages

Missouri’s Prevailing Wage Law establishes a minimum wage rate that must be paid to workers on public works construction projects in Missouri, such as bridges, roads and government buildings. The prevailing wage rate differs by county and for different types of work.

Youth Employment

Laws exist to ensure that youth are safe and healthy while on the job. Missouri’s Child Labor Law protects workers under the age of 16. Youth who are 14 or 15 generally are permitted to work, but require a work certificate or work permit before doing so. Youth under 14 are generally not allowed to be employed. Learn more about youth employment.

Workplace Safety

Free and confidential on-site safety and health consultations are available to help Missouri employers comply with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Review documentation of the Missouri Workers’ Safety Program as well as information about Mine and Cave Safety and Health.