State Spending and Purchases

Missouri Accountability Portal

View how tax dollars are spent using the Missouri Accountability Portal. Search specific financial data using the links below:

Stimulus Spending

Data for State-Administered grants related to the Stimulus can be viewed at these sites below:

Budget Explorer

Navigating Our Budget and Measuring Our Performance

Contracts, Bidding and Procurement

Search for state contracts and bidding opportunities with the State of Missouri.

Become a State Vendor

Opportunities to become a state vendor are available. Learn more »

Education Data

Comprehensive Education Data

The Missouri Comprehensive Data System (MCDS) is a new resource that allows school personnel and the public to access education-related data. Browse data »

Accountability Report Cards

View Missouri’s online “school accountability report card” for each public school district, each building and each charter school.

Government in Action


The Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri Senate are responsible for lawmaking and for providing transparency into the process of lawmaking.

House of Representatives

Public Data

Missouri Data Portal

Missouri State Data Portal -

Developers, researchers and interested citizens can access and download public state data in a variety of machine-readable formats from the Missouri Data Portal

Campaign Finance, Ethics and Transparency

The Missouri Ethics Commission website has many resources related to transparency in campaign finance.

Insurance Company Filings

Consumers can access insurance company filings for rates, rules and forms through SERFF Filing Access (SFA). Access insurance company filings.