General Information for Injured Workers in Missouri

Workers’ Compensation Process

If you are injured on the job or have been exposed to occupational disease in the course and scope of your employment, the Missouri Workers’ Compensation law provides some relief from the financial strain of being injured and/or unable to return to work.

The video at right provides an overview of the workers’ compensation process complete from time of injury to case resolution.

Learn more about resources available for injured workers.

Report an Injury

When a work place injury occurs the injured worker is required to report that injury to his or her employer as soon as possible. Find information about reporting your injury.

File a Claim for Compensation

If you’re an employee who has been injured at work and you have not received the medical treatment or compensation you are entitled to under Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation law, you or your attorney may file a Claim for Compensation to request our assistance in the collection of your benefits.

Does your Employer have Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Report Fraud

Report workers’ compensation fraud being committed by an employee, employer or insurance company.

Are you covered? In the state of Missouri, any employer with five or more employees and any employer in the construction industry with one or more employees is required to maintain workers’ compensation coverage for its employees. Follow a two step process to check if your employer has Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

Check if your employer has workers’ compensation coverage.