Driver’s License

Find a licensing office

Learn how to obtain or renew a Missouri driver’s license, non-driver’s license or permit.

Visit our page for “Driving & Vehicles” for more information about driver’s licenses, titling and registration, automobile insurance and road conditions.

Voter Identification

Check Voter Registration

Proper identification is required to vote in Missouri.

Update your Mailing Address

Updating your address for voting

If you have moved to a different address within the same county, you are permitted to change your registration address on Election Day at your new polling place or the central polling location. If you have moved to a different county, you need to fill out a new voter registration application.


Apply for a U.S. passport

A United States passport, issued by the U.S. Department of State, is often required for Americans traveling abroad. A passport is often an acceptable form of identification.

Social Security Card

You need a Social Security number to get a job, collect Social Security benefits and receive some other government services. But you don’t often need to show your Social Security card. Do not carry your card with you. Keep it in a safe place with your other important papers.

The U.S. Social Security Administration can help you get a new or replacement social security card.

Marriage, Divorce, Birth & Death Certificates

Certified copies of Missouri birth, death, marriage and divorce records can be obtained at the Bureau of Vital Records in Jefferson City or locally.

Birth and death certificates can be obtained at any local public health department, except the St. Louis City Health Department. In St. Louis City, birth and death records are available at the Recorder of Deeds Office.

Locally, marriage licenses can be obtained from the Recorder of Deeds Office in the county where the license was obtained. Divorce decrees can be obtained from the Circuit Clerk in the county where the divorce was granted.

How do I request a vital record?
Correct/Change Vital Records