Anne L. Precythe,

Department of Corrections
2729 Plaza Drive
P.O. Box 236
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

The Department of Corrections supervises all felons and targeted misdemeanants sentenced by the courts to prison or probation. By Missouri law, a person must be 17 years of age or certified as an adult by the courts. A prison sentence must be at least one year or greater in length. Probation terms, as determined by the courts, range from six months to five years. The Division of Adult Institutions provides the custody and care for offenders sentenced to prison. The Division of the Board of Probation and Parole supervises offenders sentenced to probation or released from prison on parole.

Division of Adult Institutions

Division of Adult Institutions is responsible for the supervision and management of 21 correctional centers and the custody and care of felony offenders sentenced to prison by the courts.

Division of Human Services

Division of Human Services provides specialized activities for the department’s religious affairs, volunteer and intern services, employee health, personnel, recruitment and employee development and training. This division also oversees the department’s budget, planning, research, fiscal management and general services operations.

Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services

Division of Offender Rehabilitative Services is responsible for the development and implementation of specialized services to offenders such as a medical and mental health care, academic and vocational education programs, substance abuse and sex offender treatment, and other programming as mandated by statute or determined by the Director.

Division of the Board of Probation and Parole

Division of the Board of Probation and Parole is responsible for all activities related to parole release and the supervision of offenders on probation, parole and in community corrections programs. Probation and Parole also conducts pre-sentence and parole investigations and oversees the operation for two community release centers.