Kenneth J. Zellers, Commissioner

Office of Administration
Capitol Building, Room 125
P.O. Box 809
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

The Office of Administration is the service and administrative control agency created by the General Assembly to combine and coordinate the central management functions of state government.

The chief administrative officer is the Commissioner of Administration who is appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Office of Administration provides central services and support to all other state agencies as detailed below.

Administrative Hearing Commission

The Administrative Hearing Commission conducts prehearing conferences and full evidentiary hearings throughout Missouri, making findings of fact and conclusions of law relating to licensing, tax, and medical provider disputes.

Division of Accounting

The Division of Accounting is responsible for operation of the statewide accounting and payroll systems and is the custodian of the official accounting records of the state. The division prepares payments, publishes annual financial reports, administers bond sales for the Board of Fund Commissioners and Board of Public Buildings, and administers the social security coverage for state political subdivisions.

Division of Budget and Planning

The Division of Budget and Planning is the central point to assist state agencies, the commissioner of administration, and the governor in preparing and overseeing an efficient and effective overall plan for the state’s financial resources.

Information Technology Services Division

The Information Technology Services Division is the central point for providing data processing and state telecommunications services for the executive branch of state government.

Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction

The Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction is responsible for the maintenance and operation of state-owned buildings and grounds throughout the state. The division is responsible for the preparation of the leasing budget for the entire state and for oversight of the leasing program. Staff of the division provide design services, space analysis, project management, energy management and mechanical services. The division is responsible for the preparation of the state’s capital improvement program and budget, inventory and condition assessment of all state-owned land and facilities, contracting for and managing capital improvement projects for state agencies.

Division of General Services

The Division of General Services provides management services to the state departments including printing, vehicle maintenance, risk management and fleet management; and administers the state and federal surplus property programs and the state recycling programs. The division also provides staff support for the Missouri State Employees Charitable Campaign, and the Missouri Public Entities Risk Management Fund.

Division of Personnel

The Division of Personnel administers the Missouri Merit System and the Uniform Classification and Pay System (about 45,000 employees). Additional responsibilities in all agencies include management training, labor relations, productivity and quality improvement, employee leave benefits, and consultative services.

Division of Purchasing

The Division of Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of equipment, supplies, general and professional services for most agencies of state government.

Office of Equal Opportunity

The Office of the Commissioner is responsible for the Office of Equal Opportunity, which assists state agencies in employment and contracting of historically underutilized individuals, and monitoring progress in promoting and ensuring equal opportunity within state government through employment, provision of services, and operation of facilities.