Sandy Karsten, Director

Department of Public Safety
Lewis and Clark Building, 4 West
P.O. Box 749
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) coordinates statewide law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety efforts to ensure a safe environment for Missourians. The department’s mission is to “provide a safe and secure environment for all individuals through efficient and effective law enforcement, national defense, disaster preparedness, service to veterans and education.” The department is organized into nine divisions.

The Office of the Director is responsible for developing public safety programs, police officer training and certification, and providing legislative guidance on law enforcement issues. Additionally, the director oversees the Crime Victim Services Unit to promote the fair and just treatment of victims of crime and the distribution of federal and state funds in grants for narcotics control, victims’ assistance, commercial vehicle safety, and juvenile justice. Other programs in the Director’s Office provide support services and resources to assist local law enforcement agencies and promote crime prevention.

Missouri Capitol Police

The Missouri Capitol Police is empowered to enforce state law, conduct criminal investigations, control parking, building security, and monitor life safety systems in the buildings and on the grounds of state owned property located in the city of Jefferson.

The Division of Fire Safety

The Division of Fire Safety conducts investigations of fires and explosions, provides bomb threat assistance with the use of explosive detecting K-9 units, administers the state’s boiler inspection program and the elevator safety unit, enforces the state’s fireworks laws, certifies firefighters and ensures that firefighter training meets national standards.

Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control

The Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is responsible for the regulatory enforcement of Missouri’s liquor laws and the youth access to tobacco. The division licenses approximately 25,000 alcoholic beverage retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers annually, and collects license fees and taxes due on alcoholic beverages.

Missouri State Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is a fully accredited, full service law enforcement agency. The MSHP enforces the state’s traffic laws and promotes safety on Missouri highways, conducts criminal and drug investigations, operates commercial motor vehicle weigh stations, enforces commercial motor vehicle safety laws and regulations, and is responsible for Missouri’s driver examination program.

Missouri Veterans Commission

The Missouri Veterans Commission provides counseling and referral assistance regarding state and federal benefits to Missouri veterans, their dependents or survivors, and administers state Veteran’s Homes in St. James, Mt. Vernon, Mexico, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, Cameron and Warrensburg. The Commission operates State Veterans Cemeteries in Springfield, Higginsville, Bloomfield, Jacksonville and Fort Leonard Wood.

State Emergency Management Agency

The State Emergency Management Agency is responsible for coordinating statewide disaster response and recovery. SEMA also plans mitigation activities with the federal and local governments and volunteer and faith-based organizations. In addition, SEMA coordinates emergency preparedness activities among federal, state, and local agencies.

Missouri Gaming Commission

The Missouri Gaming Commission regulates riverboat gambling at 12 licensed casinos, charitable bingo games and horse racing in Missouri. There are currently no horsing racing facilities in the state.